MIM Processing Furnaces:

Universal Vacuum / Hydrogen Braze MIM Furnace Universal Vacuum / Hydrogen Braze MIM Furnace Internal

Universal Sinter, Braze, Anneal and Heat Treat MIM Furnace, 1400 Degrees C. 11" X 11" X 12" Moly load rack, 3 Zone +/- 3 Degrees C., 12" X 12" X 16" rack removed. All automatic cycle with manual selection. Argon, hydrogen, vacuum and nitrogen. Includes quick cool blower.

Hydrogen Pre-Sinter Furnace

Hydrogen Pre-Sinter Furnace, 12" X 12" X 18" Hot Zone, 2000 Degrees F., All automatic cycle.

Hydrogen Sinter Furnace

Hydrogen Sinter Furnace, with Wax Trap, 2000 Degrees F., 6" Dia. X 12" Long, 3 Zone Control

MIM Furnace

5" X 14" Vacuum tube furnace for partial pressure firing of MIM parts. Completely automatic for programmed atmosphere flow rates and ramp soak to 1310 C.

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